What to See in Yogyakarta? Explore Its Beaches!

The matter of what to see in yogyakarta is a rather simple one to crack. Compared to other places in Indonesia, Yogyakarta has gained enough recognition from both local and international communities in terms of the city’s tourism potential. The fame that the city has gained is comparable with that of Bali Island. However, Bali wins the first place for its paradise-like beaches that oftentimes make the list of world’s most beautiful places to visit. But it does not mean that you should set Yogyakarta aside. The city is equally as rich in cultural values as Bali; you would not regret having devoted some of your time to visit the city at all.

When you try to discover what to see in yogyakarta and around, do not think about a sleepy town that lacks facilities to accommodate modern living. Shopping malls and department stores line the streets while cars and motorcycles crowd the roads. And do not think that it only has these upon arriving there. The city is a melting pot of cultures and it acts that way while still preserving its authentic Javanese atmosphere that is exotic in nature. This, in the process, creates a place that is welcoming to foreigners (either those from other provinces or the westerners), making them feel like this is their second home.

If you want to know about what to see in yogyakarta beaches and only for the sake of the beaches, you would be in on a disappointment. The beaches nearest to downtown are nowhere near those in Bali. The sand is blackish grey while there are no modern buildings such as one you can find in Kuta Beach. This of course a big letdown especially if you wish to enjoy the kind of island living. To squash your disappointment, here are the beaches you can visit during your stay:

  1. Parangtritis and Parangkusumo

The former is perhaps the most popular one among the locals. The sand, as previously mentioned, is darker in color. But that doesn’t make the beach less of a spectacle. Enjoy riding horses or ATVs at this beach while taking in its mirror-like waves during the sunset.

Parangkusumo, on the other hand, is famous for its sand dune, which makes it a perfect spot for sandboarding.

  1. Depok

In terms of esthetic, you cannot expect much from Depok Beach. But in terms of cuisines, this is a perfect heaven for the seafood-lovers among you. Grab some freshly captured seafood at the nearby fish market and bring them to any of the available stalls right by the beach to be cooked.

  1. Pok Tunggal and Indrayanti

These two are situated close to each other and they are currently the most happening among the likes. The sand is white, far different from the three above. Indrayanti is crowded with visitors and stalls while Pok Tunggal is a little quieter. The latter also has a single tree by the beach, whose name is the namesake of the beach itself.

  1. Baru Beach

There is nothing sort of extraordinary to be found at this beach. The waves are pretty much the same as those in Parangtritis and so is its sand. But the captivating piece of wonder is the windmills lining the road leading to the beach.




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